Dreamerie Exchange is a lifestyle brand selling small-batch, hand-poured affirmation candles with an intention to expand their product lines into body care and self-care offerings in the future.

After leading a previous handmade e-commerce business to success, Emily decided to take advantage of her talent as a Marketing Copywriter/Strategist in the corporate field.

2020 gave her the chance to answer her true calling and turn back to a more personally fulfilling career path with an intention to encourage others as well.

Emily’s goals go way beyond the mere production and selling of heartfelt handmade items. With her current and future services, she seeks to elevate people and empower them to do better things for themselves, for those around us, and for Earth.

Regardless of her customers’ age, they all have a common desire to make their life more meaningful and fulfilling by listening and following their inner voice. Though all of them are on the right path at their own chapter of life, they feel a void and an enigmatic incompleteness. Their apparently “perfect” life restrain them from wanting something more and extraordinary; in fact, they even might be ashamed for their feelings of such. They are in desperate need of a supportive community or even the slightest affirmation that their desires are real, valid, and most of all, achievable.

Dreamiere helps lost urban wanderers to embrace their inner self & answer their true calling by lighting the fire inside them with the spark of hope, support and community.

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