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stop shrinking

to fit into places

you've outgrown

Meticulously developed, high-end brand experiences for businesses that put quality above quantity, don't hold back when they're out to conquer, and won’t settle for anything less than their clients and customers deserve.

Dream Big
Be Different

I see you… You went after your dreams and dedicated your time to create something that hasn’t existed before. But successfully presenting it in the online world needs outstanding design. And it’s not only a beautiful logo, a harmonious colour palette, and elegant fonts. “ It’s all about showing your purpose, through your brand. “

Ultimately, branding is a human experience, an intimate relationship between you and your audience. It’s built on the undeniable feeling of being connected with your aesthetic, story and the values you represent.

I’m here to help you make your dream come true by elevating your visuals you can be proud of, gain clarity and confidence with an in-depth brand strategy and connect effortlessly with your dream clients because I know without a doubt that you deserve to succeed.

working with

Wedding Professionals
Fashion Startups
Lifestyle Brands
Beauty Products
Salon Owners
Jewellery Designers
Flower Stylists
Interior Designers
Real Estate Businesses
Health Professionals
Wellness Brands
but most importantly
Wedding Professionals
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I’m Adrienn White,
a former molecular biologist turned brand strategist, brand and web designer.
With my scientific background, I bring a unique perspective to the world of branding and design, allowing me to create captivating visual stories for ambitious entrepreneurs.

My expertise in data analysis and research has proven invaluable in helping entrepreneurs understand their target audience and create effective marketing strategies. I pride myself on the ability to interpret complex information and translate it into compelling visuals and increase perceived value by crafting captivating client experiences that evoke emotions.

our clients said

“ The brand direction and presentation blew me away”

Working with Adrienn has been such a refreshing and empowering experience. She is so very talented and professional, and she can dig through a jumble of thoughts and ideas, pick the best ones and present you with a unified and perfectly polished brand!

Carmen Winterbach

Founder of Lunar Grace

our clients said

“I didn’t believe it could look this good until I saw it for my own eyes.”

Adrienn were able to take my words and vision and create something with this, that far exceeded any expectations. I was beyond pleased with the work that was presented to me and I didn’t believe it could look this good until I saw it for my own eyes.

Samantha Cornish

Portrait Photographer

our clients said

“Finally, I have a clear vision of our BRAND!”

I was having a hard time putting our vision together for a new logo, along with having a consistent, cohesive look for the business. I found her on Pinterest with a logo she did and fell in love… I decided to inquire and then just let a professional take care of it! And that’s exactly what she did! She was very thorough and detailed on getting all of the information about my business and what we stand for to provide excellent results for branding!

Amber Hancock

Owner of Inspirations Salon

our clients said

"She was the consummate professional!"

Adrienn was very good at streamlining the branding process from the beginning. I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation she offered and how truly fresh, modern, and up-to-date it was. Her authenticity comes through in her positive attitude and energy, which translates into new, unique ideas. She helps to differentiate her client's businesses from their competitors in the marketplace by her branding talent and techniques.

Stacey Christakos

Founder of Orama Atelier

our clients said

“ Just be prepared to be blown away by the quality of work and professionalism. It was amazing from start to finish.”

Before hiring her I supposed that there would be a miscommunication of ideas or beliefs, but she was very prompt and upfront: she knew my vision before I could really articulate it. I'm so thrilled with everything!! After our work together I feel like I am more knowledgeable and my brand has a distinct and unique style.

Rebecca Kaldanis

Speaker of the podcast Becky's Not Drinking Tonight

our clients said

“ If your branding isn’t up to the level of your services, you’re leaving money on the table. Let Adrienn help you!!”

I knew Adrienn would do a fantastic job, but the first mood board was SO good and each development just kept getting better and better. A lot of people think they can avoid investing in a graphic designer because they know how to use photoshop / canva, but it’s really not the same. Let Adrienn help you!!!

Victoria Vela

Founder of Microcosmic Marketing

we are a  match made

match made
in heaven if you...

...believe that design is not just about aesthetics but also about strategy and problem-solving

...value collaboration and want to work with a designer who listens to your ideas, understands your vision, and is able to channel your passion into strategic visuals

...want to effectively communicate the value you bring to the table without having to say a word

...aim to increase perceived value by crafting captivating client experiences that evoke emotions to offer an awe inspiring client experience for your clients they can talk about for years to come

...are willing to take risks and push the boundaries of traditional design to create something truly unique and impactful in your industry

...aim to raise the bar in your industry and surpass your competitors with impactful and captivating visuals