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Lunar Grace

Women peeking over the shoulder partially covered with the tulle of her dress.

Lunar Grace offers a variety of unique and inclusive designs at an affordable fee while refreshing their clients in body & spirit through the customer experience.

the challenge

“I had hired three designers who were not able to create a brand identity I was proud of; because of this, I felt I had failed at communicating my vision and thus felt insecure in my abilities. I was deflated and chronically overthinking everything, which led to more panic-hiring of more creatives until I found her! She has managed to calm the panic and create a brand I am so, so proud to present!”

As Lunar Grace is committed to providing a truly unparalleled experience for their customers by offering a curated selection of luxury, one-of-a-kind, and size-inclusive designer garments, it was essential for us to distinguish them from other traditional clothing rental companies.

In order to truly embody the inclusive spirit of their brand, we strived to seamlessly blend the elevated, luxurious vibes with approachability through their brand strategy and messaging.

the solution

During our work, we have placed a strong emphasis on utilizing the art of storytelling to effectively communicate the compassionate nature of the founder, Carmen. Through this approach, we have crafted a distinct visual identity that embodies her core values and the driving force behind her passion for her work.

After uncovering their audience's pain points, we have infused their elegant and sophisticated branding with intimate and personal elements to create a sanctuary for their clients where they could feel ethereal, whimsical, and breathtakingly beautiful again.

Paper shopping bag design for Lunar Grace artisian dress rental salon featuring Silwer Swallow dresses. Brand identity and website design by Adrienn White.
LG intertwining monogram logomark design for a fashion dress rental salon in New Zealand by Adrienn White.
Fashion boutique and artisan dress rental salon shop sign and branding design by Adrienn White.
Shop sign and shopping window design for a fashion boutique by Adrienn White

“Our purpose is to give women, regardless of their shape and size,
the chance to reconnect with their beauty & feminity
and help them find themselves again.”

The concept

We drew inspiration from their new brand positioning that focused on the unique selling point of their clothes:

“For all women, no matter their shape or size, Lunar Grace is a dress rental salon offering inclusive, handmade designer clothes that float in a breeze, fly with you as you move, and - unlike traditional formal dresses - set you free from any boundaries.”

We aimed for an elevated and timeless look while maintaining an effortless, carefree, and playful vibe, just like their clothes.

website strategy

In the website strategy phase, a thorough analysis of the consumer and buying journey was conducted to identify any areas of improvement.

To optimize conversion rates, the website was designed to provide an engaging and immersive browsing experience that gradually entices the visitors into new depths of Lunar Grace.

The flow of the user experience was refined to align with the customer buying journey, resulting in a seamless and memorable experience that inspires users to become part of the transformation offered by Lunar Grace.

In addition to developing a catalog featuring the collections and accessories, complete with an advance size-filtering system, it was also our intention to showcase the various collaborative endeavors and opportunities for gifted photographers in New Zealand.

Website page layout for Lunar Grace fashion business ecommerce featuring photographers to collaborate with.
Fashion ecommerce website layout with size filtering system designed and developed by Adrienn White
Luxourious fashion dress product page of an ecommerce website designed and developed by Adrienn White
Mobile website layout featuring the values of Lunar Grace
Carmen Winterbach, founder of Lunar Grace

"If there is one investment you should make for your business, it's hiring Adrienn!"

I had hired 3 designers who were not able to create a brand identity I was proud of, because of this, I felt I had failed at communicating my vision and thus felt insecure in my abilities. I was deflated and chronically overthinking everything which lead to more panic-hiring of more creatives, until I found her! She has managed to calm the panic and create a brand I am so so proud to present!

Her website and Instagram were what I wanted for myself, I then looked at her portfolio and her design aesthetic was what I had been asking for but could never get. She was also so prompt in getting back to me and were so informative and kind.


I was worried I would ‘fail’ at articulating my vision and that I may be disappointed again- I was scared I would never know what I actually wanted! I was also worried about costs, but now I regret just not getting everything done by her from the get-go!

Working with Adrienn has been such a refreshing and empowering experience. She is so very talented and professional, and she can dig through a jumble of thoughts and ideas, pick the best ones and present you with a unified and perfectly polished brand!

The brand direction and presentation blew me away! Her design skills, creativity and lateral thinking are incredible.


She has taught me so much! She goes over and above and It feels like she really cares and is invested in my business.

When you work with Adrienn, it is like working with a business partner, it feels as though she wants you and your business to succeed just as much as you do. She imparts so much knowledge throughout the whole process and has an excellent way of framing concepts to help you understand.

You will not regret working with Adrienn, she truly is a gem, and your business could not be in safer hands!


My previous website housed Adrienn's gorgeous catalogue, however, I was experiencing a loss of business as customers would not want to download and view the catalogue. I also reached a point of needing to update and thus a new website was definitely a smart choice for my business.

She created my branding, from that experience, I knew I would be in no better hands with my website. Her vision and skills pair artfully to create the most spectacular end products, which gives my business the high-end touch it needs. She also goes the extra mile to consider my business, how it operates and what could be improved upon and changed.


I loved the fact that I felt like I had someone 'on my team, working towards the success of my business. I have come to value and trust her opinion and view her as an essential aspect of my business! I wholeheartedly trust her and her design abilities!

Finally, I have a GORGEOUS, professional website that has set me apart from other businesses similar to mine, since the launch of the website I have also had an increase in rentals and my customers feel more informed before hiring a gown or coming for a fitting. Personally, I feel more at ease knowing that my business is being accurately portrayed and that my brand is more cohesive.


If there is one investment you should make for your business, it's hiring Adrienn!

She artfully turns ideas and dreams into a reality and creates a brand and digital products that will take your business to the next level.

Her professionalism is second to none, and her talent and creativity have consistently exceeded all expectations. Adrienn displayed extreme patience, understanding and knowledge when creating my website and I have no doubt that she will help you make your concepts a reality!


Carmen Winterbach

Founder of Lunar Grace

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