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Samantha Cornish

Website design layout for  portrait photographer Samantha Cornish in New Zealand by Adrienn White

With a strong dedication to making women feel magnificent again, Samantha creates tangible contemporary portrait photographs bringing out the strength & beauty her models possess.

the challenge

In today’s rushed world, in the middle of the great uncertainty, more and more women’s only focus is to desperately hold everything together, while their spark slowly vanishes inside. Their flame goes out quietly and unnoticed, as they become a side character of their own story.

We attempt to light this fire again and witness their rebirth...

Our goal was to embody the shift in Samantha’s business journey from an all-purpose photographer to purely fine art portrait photography focusing on the self expression and empowerment of women.

“Before working together, I had no real brand direction. I knew where I wanted to go with my brand but had no idea how to get there.”

Portrait photography reveal wall design.

the concept

The brand strategy has a great emphasis on empowerment, elevating the confidence of the clients and providing a space for them to be truly themselves. Therefore we aimed to capture not only the fragile and delicate elegance of women, but wanted to hint a transition to something more bold, sharp and powerful.

Our aim is to capture women’s true self, the long-forgotten,
hidden beauty buried under the duties of their day-to-day life.

We are committed to making them feel at ease in front of the camera
by providing a safe place to shed their everyday roles until nothing else
but their bare, raw, unapologetic self remains.

The logo

With our typography choice, we imitate the transformation that her service provides, the journey towards a more confident, raw, and real self.

To achieve this we've chosen a high-contrast serif typeface that has both thin and thick parts,  representing both sides of a woman's world.

It has daring serifs and sharp edges compensated with playful, curvy details, just like a woman could be as solid as a mountain or as soft as the water flowing through it. The result is an unapologetic and raw design language, that takes up space confidently with a hint of feminine fragility.

Card design featuring SCP monogram logomark for a portrait photographer.


We strived to keep the color palette as neutral as possible, so it doesn't steal the attention from the photography or conflict with their color spectrum, but still provides enough saturation to make black and white photos more dramatic and impactful.

The palette mainly consists of pale, feminine rose and nude shades giving an elegant and sleek impression compensated with a dark charcoal color that creates contrast.


Samantha is here to empower and elevate women through the power of portraiture, resulting in authentic fine art pieces worth hanging on the wall.

Her in-person photography reveals let each client genuinely immerse in the emotional flood filled with surprise, joy and wonder, and feel complete ownership of the magic they created together.

Her unique selling proposition lies in that her clients leave the studio with tangible, treasurable artworks that isn’t comparable to any digital experience, thus the final result won’t be consigned to oblivion on a hard drive.

You can touch, feel and own the fascination.

Black and beige business card design with letterpress for a portrait photographer by Adrienn White.
Portrait of Samantha Cornish portrait photographer.

“I didn’t believe it could look this good until I saw it for my own eyes.”

Before working together, I had no real brand direction. I knew where I wanted to go with my brand but had no idea how to get there!

Adrienn were able to take my words and vision and create something with this, that far exceeded any expectations. I was beyond pleased with the work that was presented to me and I didn’t believe it could look this good until I saw it for my own eyes.

I am excited to see my brand rolled out in action. I believe this will give me an edge with my business and place me in a better position than before.


Samantha Cornish

Portrait Photographer

White SCP letters logomark on black card.

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